The Batura Trek

Batura is the fourth longest glacier stretches west from KKH for 56km. You will view around 14 high peaks during the trek with its exceptional scenery and are more then 7000m high and huge ice floes, more then 4000m from the Batura wall to the glacier. During the trek you will experience the unique life style of the villagers during the summer when they take their livestock in the pastures. They spend the summer in these lush pastures with their livestock. The photographs show Yashperth the first pasture of the Batura valley, it includes several more like Kuk hel, Futma hel and Guchesm.

The trek starts from village Passu. The first rest point is Yunz which is about a 2/3 hour trek from Passu. Its located on the mouth of the Glacier. Trekkers cross the glacier from Yunz which takes about an hour atleast than its about another 7/8 hour trek and we reach our first destination Yashperth.

I have been there several times. These photos are from my third trek in which I was accompanied by my Mother who was visiting not only her birth place, her whole childhood was spent in these pastures. When we got there, it revived her memories and I was lucky to hear the tales from her during the trek. Its a mesmerizing trek, not that difficult or harsh. I would love if anyone would like to accompany me on the trek this summer.

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